BSBSMB302 Develop a micro business proposal

Newbery Consulting is pleased to offer the unit of competency assessment packages in support the unit of competency BSBSMB302 – Develop a micro business proposal. The Package includes the complete assessment materials including:

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Unit Description:  This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research the feasibility of a business opportunity, and to present a business idea in formats suiting a range of stakeholders.

This unit applies to individuals who are establishing or operating a micro business for self-employment.

Assessment Overview: This assessment package is made up of 4 assessment tasks.

  • Assessment Task 1: Written Response – The learner is required to respond in writing to questions to demonstrate their understanding and applied knowledge.
  • Assessment Task 2: Project Task – The learner is required to conduct a business cost and revenue analysis on their business idea to identify initial and ongoing costs and identify potential risks that may impact the viability and success of the business.
  • Assessment Task 3: Project Task – The learner is required to evaluate the viability of a business idea through a SWOT analysis, to see if their personal skills, experience and attributes match those required for the business to be successful.
  • Assessment Task 4: Project Task – The learner is required to prepare a business overview in the form of a presentation, to suit different stakeholders. The learner is required to choose two stakeholders and create a customised presentation for each stakeholder.

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