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Description: Admin support is provided by the Newbery Consulting client support team. This service specifically relates to providing additional admin support in relation to RTO Data Cloud. If you are using a different student management system software, this service is not relevant to you. The cost of the service includes 8 hours of admin support. The admin support hours may be used as you require at a time best suited for your business and operation. This may be a one-off purchase for a specific support requirement or a regular purchase where our client support team becomes part of your team and understands your operation.

Outline of service: Admin support is provided remotely using email, teleconference or Zoom. Admin support can include assisting clients with setting up their RTO Data Cloud, data entry, reporting or any administration support you require. The client support team know RTO Data Cloud back to front so are able to complete tasks very efficiently. We can set up arrangements where you can upload records such as completed student assessment records and these can be processed by your appointed client support team member to update student assessment outcomes and issue certificates. There are many possible ways you can use RTO Admin Support. The allocation of a team member and the scheduling of hours is coordinated through your Client Support Coordinator.

This time can be used over a 12 month period; however, any unused portion of the time will expire 12 months following the original purchase date. Multiple days can be purchased at the same time. It is recommended that you make contact with us first to discuss your support requirements before purchase.

Some examples of admin support include:

  • Setting up client training plans and course schedules
  • Designing AQF certificates and email templates
  • Inputting student results and activity data
  • Assisting with enrolments and completions
  • Updating trainer information and PD
  • Recording meeting minutes or quality improvements
  • Assisting in course development in the LMS
  • Assisting with AVETMISS reporting
  • Maintaining the accuracy of data in support of reporting
  • Generating student correspondence
  • Assisting with document management

Using RTO Admin Support means that you are only paying a fee for service to engage a client support team member who is already skilled and efficient at the operation of RTO Data Cloud. The admin support can reduce the workload on your existing staff and avoids the need for new staff recruitment, additional PAYG, superannuation, workers comp payments and those HR issues.



Lets have a look at some support scenarios:

Scenario 1: Safety Training RTO delivering safety training in working at height and working in confined space. The RTO has just joined RTO Data Cloud and does not have the time to set up training plans and the next 12 months of scheduled courses. They purchase the one day of support for $440.00 and are allocated a dedicated support team member who liaises with Safety Training RTO to understand the requirements and obtain the required information. The client support team member completes the assigned work the following week. The client is super happy and are now able to advertise the scheduled courses on their website using the RTO Data Cloud website API.

Scenario 2: Let’s say that Safety Training RTO would like to deliver a component of their current training online using the RTO Data Cloud LMS. They have the learning content already organised into modules with learning activities but cannot find the time to do this development in the system themselves. The RTO purchases two days of support for $880.00. The Client Support Team liaise with the client to understand the requirements and get access to the learning material. The following week some initial work has been completed where the dedicated support team member engages with Safety Training RTO to get some feedback. The following week, the online learning is ready to go. The work has taken 12 hours to complete and the client still has a remaining 4 hours of support available.

Scenario 3: Aged Care Training RTO has a funding contract in QLD delivering training in individual support. They have a training manager who coordinates the training delivery and also handles most of the administration but as enrolments have increased, they have less capacity for this and need some help. The RTO owner decides to purchase some ongoing RTO Admin Support and allocates about 6 hours per week to assist with entering student assessment results, issuing certificates and finalising student enrolments. The cost per week is $330.00 to the RTO. The client support team member is dedicated to Aged Care Training RTO who has avoided the need to recruit a new staff member. The RTO is getting the work done and the training manager has more time to focus on quality training.

Cost: $440.00 – One day (8 hours)

Stop! This service is only available to users of RTO Data Cloud.

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