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Thank you for commencing the sign-up process for RTO Data Cloud (Special Offer). By completing this purchase order, you acknowledge that:

You agree to the RTO Data Cloud Terms and Conditions.

  • Our team will set-up your RTO Data Cloud user account within one business day.
  • Following your period of free usage as explained below, we will calculate your monthly usage on the first (1st) day of each month and send you a usage summary and tax invoice.
  • Following your period of free usage as explained below, we will automatically debit monthly charges from your nominated credit card on the eighth (8th) day of each month.
  • To cancel your account on RTO Data Cloud before the initial payment is debited from your credit card, you must give us notice no later than 4 pm on the seventh (7th) business day of your introductory period so that the planned debit of your credit card can be cancelled.
  • You are entitled to a period of free usage of up to 6 months or until your RTO entity is registered on the national training register (training.gov.au) whichever occurs first.

At the end of this free usage period the following charges will apply:

  • Monthly access fee – $100.00. Primary user (1 user)
  • Additional user fee – $2.00 per user / per day
  • Included data storage – 100 gigabyte
  • Additional data storage – 8 cents per gigabyte per month
  • Included SMS messaging per month – 50
  • Additional SMS messaging – 10 cents per message

Please proceed with adding this item to the cart and completing the purchase order and payment below:

Cost: $550.00

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Price is inclusive of GST. The following Terms and Conditions Apply.

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