Newbery Consulting will administer an online survey for up to 1000 of your learners. This survey is focused on the learner pathway and collects information about their experience from the moment they enrol with you to when you issued them their AQF certificate. The survey is designed to replicate the survey conducted by the national regulator during its student centred audit approach.

Newbery Consulting will administer the survey from beginning to end. All we need from you is a list of emails for up to 1000 learner’s and your business logo. We will customise the survey for your business and give you the opportunity to review and approve the survey before it is released. We will provide you with a professional report complete with graphical data to help interpret the survey results.

Summary of service: Includes the following:

  • Survey issued to 1000 learners
  • Survey customised for your business
  • Professional report issued in PDF
  • Recommendations on significant results
  • Issued online to your learner’s email address
  • Administered over a two-four week period
  • You supply us the email addresses
  • All results treated with strict confidentiality

Cost: $330.00

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Price is inclusive of GST. Newbery Consulting Terms and Conditions Apply.

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