Description: A compliance audit with site visit and the provision of an action list.

Purpose: To provide an understanding of your RTO’s compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

Outline of service: Is conducted exactly the same as a full compliance regulatory audit but without the production of a formal audit report. The visit includes:

  • one hour teleconference with RTO staff prior to the site visit;
  • audit notification and request of pre-audit information;
  • desk-top review of pre-audit information prior to the site visit;
  • site visit – all day activity on an agreed date;
  • audit of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015;
  • audit of two qualifications (two units each qualification);
  • opening and closing meeting; and
  • provision of a basic compliance action list.

This service is designed to provide an RTO with a very cost effective way to obtain an accurate and independent picture of compliance leading up to a regulatory audit or simply as an annual health check as part of a continuous improvement strategy. Unlike our full audit service it does not include the production of an audit report. A basic compliance action list is provided instead to assist the RTO to implement the identified rectifications and opportunities for improvement. The RTO is recommended to take the outcomes of the site visit and record them into the continuous improvement record for follow-on action. This is a great professional development activity for staff.

Cost: $2,200.00 + travel cost.

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Other information: Please note that the cost is inclusive of GST. Travel costs are kept to an absolute minimum and are booked at the cheapest possible fare. Newbery Consulting does not charge for travel time. Invoice is issued on the day following the site visit. Newbery Consulting payment terms are 14 days. Newbery Consulting Terms and Conditions Apply.

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