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Introduction: Newbery Consulting has been supplying student management software since 2007. RTO Data is offered as a cloud based software as a service. RTO Data incorporates over a decade of lessons learned and understanding of client requirements. We think that RTO Data will change the landscape of the Australian student management system market. We are proud to offer it to you and it would be our pleasure to offer you access as a trial user and if you like what you see, come on over.

Description: A cloud based RTO student management system that provides RTOs the capability to manage their training operation and meet all national and State reporting and compliance obligations. RTO Data Cloud is compliant with AVETMISS and all State and Territory funding contract reporting and for the verification of Unique Student Identifiers. Please visit the RTO Data Cloud website for even more information and sign-up options rtodatacloud.com.au.

Hosting and Security: RTO Data is a powerful cloud based software as a service. Managed and delivered to you by Newbery Consulting. RTO Data is hosted within the Equinix SY3 Sydney IBX Data Center. This is the most interconnected, fastest and secure data storage center in Australia which boasts an amazing high average up time track record of greater than 99.9999%. Your data is protected behind a world class firewall and your data is encrypted whilst being stored and in transit.

Capabilities. You can access RTO Data anywhere / anytime via your computer or tablet. All you need is a device, web browser and an internet connection. Unlike other systems, we do not piece meal out capability as additional add-ons and modules. With RTO Data , you get everything that it has to offer now and in the future as we continue to evolve and develop its capability.

  • RTO Management: A cloud-based RTO Student Management System that provides RTOs the capability to manage their training operation and meet all National and State reporting and compliance obligations.
  • Compliance: Supporting Nationally Recognised and Non-Accredited training, RTO Data Cloud allows you to capture and generate reports that are compliant with AVETMISS, CRICOS and State training subsidies.
  • Website Integration: RTO Data Cloud integrates seamlessly within your website via our API Library to support online enrolments, publish course marketing details, course calendar and collect online enrolments.
  • E-Learning: The RTO Data Cloud E-Learning (SCORM ready) system is accessible within the one system, allowing you to fully integrate your RTOs learning and student management software, anywhere, anytime.

For a complete description of the above capabilities, please visit the RTO Data Cloud website at rtodatacloud.com.au.

Pricing. We offer one plan for everyone. The base cost of using the system month to month is $120.00. That provides you a single concurrent user. If you want more users to access the system at the same time, then you simply register a new user and that will cost an additional $2.40 for each day that user is registered. You can add and remove users whenever you like to control your costs. We debit your nominated credit card at the end of each monthly billing period based on your actual usage. There are no locked-in contracts or annual licence fee. There are no set-up or upfront costs. This is purely a pay as you go software helping you to mange your cash flow and putting you in control.

Here is our offer:

  • Initial set-up cost – Nil
  • Monthly access fee – $120.00. Primary user (1 user)
  • Additional system user fee – $2.40 per user / per day
  • Additional trainer user fee – $1.20 per user / per day
  • Included data storage – 80 gigabyte (that is a lot of storage)
  • Additional data storage – 10 cents per gigabyte per month
  • SMS messaging units – 12 cents per message unit

Lets have a look at some examples:

Scenario 1: First aid RTO with a single administrator processing 2100 student enrolments and completions each year. Is scanning and uploading all student assessment evidence to RTO Data with current storage of 75 gigabyte would have a total cost of $120.00 per month.

Scenario 2: Let’s say that First aid RTO had grown their enrolments and activated an additional system user ($2.40 per day) on a full time basis, their total cost would now be an average of $193 per month. That is an average additional user fee of $73.00 per month, plus the monthly access fee of $120.00 per month.

Scenario 3: Lets consider the storage of data and lets say First aid RTO has been uploading all of their student records for the last few years and their data stored on RTO Data has grown to 350 gigabyte. So, that is 250 gig in excess of their base data storage of 80 gig. The additional data storage of 250 gig would cost them an additional 10 cents per gig per month, so an additional $17.00 per month. Now the average monthly cost has grown to $218.00 per month.

Scenario 4: If First Aid RTO grew to require the need to bring on an additional system user just over a busy period of Mar-Jun, for 121 days, this would cost the RTO an additional $2.40 per day (billed monthly) or $288.00 for the entire period. If the RTO was closing for three weeks over the Dec – Jan period, the RTO could deactivate their additional users altogether over this leave period and save.

Scenario 5: Medium sized RTO with 12 qualifications on scope and an average of 850 student enrolments and completions each year. The RTO requires seven (7) users in total which include management and administrative support staff. The RTO has a primary user with six (6) additional users resulting in a total average cost of $558.00 per month. That is an annual cost of $6,696.00. This RTO would otherwise be paying our competitors on average between $12,000.00 and $25,000.00 per year.

Scenario 6: Large RTO with 32 qualifications and delivery sites in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Mostly delivering subsidised training under government contracts in four States. Annual number of enrolments is a little over 3500 students. They require twenty-six (26) users in total resulting in a cost per month of $1.945.00 and an annual cost of $23,340.00. The RTO uses the RTO Data Cloud LMS to augment traditional traineeship and apprenticeship training with online learning and assessment and to better manage student access to course material and submission of assignments at no additional cost.

To estimate you cost please visit the following website rtodatacloud.com.au/pricing/

To sign-up for RTO Data Cloud please visit the following website rtodatacloud.com.au.

Please contact us if you require more information.

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