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Thursday 13th July 2023

Hello and welcome to VET News,


Thank you to all those who gave amazing feedback on the below article Speaking ASQAneese Part 1. I am working on Part 2 and hope to have that out soon.


There are some great articles in this edition of VET News. ASQA has released its new Service Charter. It is ambitious and something we will monitor closely. We constantly assist clients through many applications with ASQA including initial and renewal of registrations and changes to scope. The difference between reality and the proposed standard is significant. As an example, if I were to submit a client application for initial registration, right now, after the application clears the completeness check we are waiting about 6-7 months before we get a result from the application assessment. The service standard proposes to bring this down to 90 days in 80% of all applications processed. Wow, that would be a massive improvement! We will monitor this closely and report back our findings.


Check out the new service standard to see what you can expect in the handling of your applications.


Good training,

Joe Newbery


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