VET News – 11th July 2018

11th July 2018 Hello and welcome to VET News, This edition of VET News is full of interesting articles. There are particularly a number of training package updates to take note of. We have recently been spending a bit of time looking at third party arrangements on behalf of our clients. There seems to be […]


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VET News – 5 February 2018

5th February 2018 Compliance & Regulatory News New National VET Data Policy A new National VET data policy was agreed by skills Ministers at the council of Australian Government Industry and Skills Council meeting on 24th Nov 2017. The policy came into effect on the 1st Jan 2018. The policy allows for a six month […]


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VET News – 27 October 2017

27th October 2017 Compliance & Regulatory News Man convicted and fined for issuing fake qualifications A man who issued seven vocational education and training (VET) statements of attainment despite not being authorised to do so has been convicted and fined $3,000 in the ACT Magistrates Court. READ MORE ASQA announces changes to the transition period […]


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Vet News – 12 September 2017

VET News 12th of September 2017 Hello and welcome to VET News,It is National VET Conference week!! I will be at the National VET Conference this week Wednesday – Friday. I am delivering a Masterclass session Wednesday and attending the main conference on Thursday and Friday. It is always a great event hosted by our […]


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VET News – 14 August 2017

I would just like to take a moment to thanks everyone for all of the positive feedback and comments about our new Audit Guide for the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. Since releasing the revised guide in May, we have had over 5500 visitors to the audit guide pages on our website. I have received many nice emails and stories of different experiences in regulatory audits.


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VET News – 1 August 2017

Ok, I am going out on a limb here so wish me luck! Apart from all of the registration cancellations and the mega RTOs falling over (Careers),, I think we may be re-entering a period of stability and growth. Most RTOs that we are speaking to identify that the 2nd-3rd quarters of 2016/17 (Oct 2016 – Mar 2017) was a very dark time. From about Mar 2017, things seem to be improving and right now, there seems to be a degree of confidence as enrollment numbers are returning to normal.


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VET News – 15 March 2017

I am amazed at the constant notifications of cancellations from ASQA. Last month there were 6-7 and this month we have that number again. I am also getting an increased number of enquiries from RTOs who have received that deeded letter of notification to impose sanctions. My typical response to these enquiries is that you are contacting us at the wrong end of the process. Prevention is better than the cure.


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VET News – 31 January 2017

Just a reminder, that we are entering the reporting season. Over the next five months the following reports are due in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations


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VET News – 20 December 2016

Well 2016 is almost done and dusted. I think it’s fair to say that it has been a tough year for our sector. We look forward to 2017 with hope that the business environment will improve. I feel that the new year will be a year of innovation as RTOs attempt to find efficiencies in a tough environment.


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VET News – 30 November 2016

I hope you are all well. We are waiting to hear the outcomes this week of the Senate vote with respect of the VET Student Loan Bill. The proposed amendments to grant TAFE institutes a 12-month exemption has already been announced. I also understand that there is some fierce lobbying going on the obtain a 6-month delay for all providers to properly assess the likely impact on the sector.


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VET News – 28 October 2016

Well, I have been sounding the alarm bells on the VET Fee Help program since 2012. The government made some changes at the fringes in 2015 to clean this sector up. However, this month has brought down the hammer like a blunt instrument on the private providers operating in this sector.


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VET News – 21 September 2016

I hope this finds you well. Hello to all of our new subscribers! Fairly sure we had the largest growth in a single month over the Aug/Sep period, so very happy with that. We also attended the National VET Conference on the Gold Coast 14-16 Sep 2016. It was great!


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VET News – 26 August 2016

Thanks to everyone regarding the wonderful feedback on last month’s newsletter. It is amazing that almost five years ago we had this crazy idea to launch a free monthly newsletter. We wanted to cut through all of the information clutter out there and present a concise news report on the things we feel are worth focusing on in our wonderful VET sector.


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VET News – 28 July 2016

It is a packed VET News this month. If you have previously missed it, ASQA made an announcement this month about changes to the audit process. It is worth taking a look at that. It seems to be a step back from allowing for procedural fairness. The key change in my view is the option for the regulator to move straight to issuing “Notice of intent to impose administrative sanction” without first allowing the RTO to rectify a non-compliance.


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VET News – 22 June 2016

Back on the 3rd June I sought clarification form ASQA about what I assumed was a very simple question: Can a domestic provider who is not a registered CRICOS provider deliver unit only courses such as first aid, RSA or Construction Safety (White Card) to international students.


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VET News – 18 May 2016

Hi there,I hope you are all well. Just a quick note to let you know that we will be releasing our long awaited revised audit guide this month. This will replace the audit evidence guide released back in June 2012 (click) which was very popular in the sector. We were trying to get it complete for this VET News but couldn’t get there and we cannot hold up the news!


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VET News – 15 April 2016

Welcome to this April edition of VET News. The big news in this addition (in my view) is the release of the new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. It is a very different qualification to its predecessor. It is not equivalent to begin with so that means that the 716 RTOs with TAE40110 on their scope will loose it in 12 months and will need to apply to have the new qualification added to scope. ASQA has established the most rigorous requirements for an RTO to add a new qualification to scope that I have ever seen.


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VET News – 9 March 2016

Welcome to our March VET News. A very interesting ASQA update this month with ASQA publicising its decision to cancel the registration of a number of RTOs following the investigation into some VET Fee Help providers. It will be interesting to watch if these RTOs challenge the regulators decision in the Federal Court and if they succeed in reversing the decision.


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VET News – 1 February 2016

Hi there,

I have been getting many questions about the approaching requirement for RTO Chief Executive Officers to submit an annual declaration to the National Regulator about their compliance. So, I have put my thoughts down in a Blog to address these questions. You can access that on our website at the following page: The declaration is due by the 31st Mar 2016 (see here) for the details on the ASQA website.


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VET News – 23 December 2015

Hi there,
I hope this newsletter finds you well. Well it’s been a big year (as always!) in the VET sector. We have seen some significant changes including the following:
•The introduction of the Unique Student Identifier (USI) from 1 January 2015
•The first compulsory Total VET Activity report submitted in February 2015
•The introduction of the new Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 in April 2015
•Introduction of the VET FEE-HELP Guidelines from 1 July 2015
•Commencing the process of replacing Industry Skills Councils with Skills Service Organisations in August 2015


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