Description: A registration service that aims to achieve Domestic and CRICOS registration in 6-9 months.

Purpose: To provide organisations with consulting support to establish an RTO including the establishment of all operating procedures, information management systems and RTO website.

Outline of service: Newbery Consulting register approximately 28 RTOs each year. We are easily the most successful consulting company in Australia at doing this and are proud of the work we do to assist organisations through this difficult process. We have a tried and proven registration process that has evolved with the regulation and achieves fantastic results every time. The service includes three phases:

Phase One. Involves the supply of our full RTO system with the CRICOS policy and form supplement and the provision of detailed consulting support to establish the intended scope and delivery model for your RTO. Phase one commences with a teleconference to establish the project plan and concludes with the establishment of a detailed Registration Action List which identifies all actions required to achieve registration. The Registration Action List provides us the plan for the remainder of the project.

Phase Two. Involves preparing all of the evidence for the initial application for VET and CRICOS. This includes gathering details of the proposed entity, principal people, business plan, financial viability, proposed trainers, materials, training timetable, proposed marketing and operating locations. This is a team effort where evidence is gathered and reviewed within an online shared folder where we all collaborate to get the detail right. We provide fully developed examples of key documents such as all policies, business plans, financial plan, assessment resources and training and assessment strategies in order to get things moving. Your accountant is an important participant during this phase to assist you in completing the financial viability assessment. This phase concludes with the submission of initial application for registration on ASQANet.

Phase Three. Involves finalising development of learning and assessment materials, customisation of policies and procedures, development of student information and general build-up for the initial registration audit. We will build and supply your RTO Website. This is a smart website that links with your RTO management system to enable you to publish course information direct to your website and download online enrolments direct from the website. Your staff will receive training on using the student management software and website. During this phase we will also have a weekly teleconferences and will also undertake a full onsite rehearsal registration audit to cap off your preparation. After the audit we provide you support to address any additional information the auditor requests and we see it through to the end. This phase concludes when you are listed on as an RTO.

What we do not do in this service. We do not develop your business / financial plans or develop your learning and assessment materials. We do provide you excellent examples and templates of these things as a guide and will audit your assessments during their development to provide you feedback about their compliance. We also cannot represent you at the audit or correspond with the regulator on your behalf. This is simply not appropriate. This is your business and we provide you the technical advice to build and operate it yourself. We also cannot gather personal information and documents on your behalf. We will need you to supply us with items such as police checks, signed declarations, entity documents, local council approval for you premises, employment history, etc where this is required for the application.

Duration: The typical time to achieve registration is about six to nine months assuming you have access to appropriate facilities, learning and assessment resources, competent trainers, financial viability, etc. Many projects can take longer than 10-12 months depending on the client’s other commitments and the size of the application. We can move as fast as you can although we will not sacrifice compliance in order to get something completed quickly.

There are no shortcuts in this process. If you present to the audit without being ready, it will result in non-compliance which results in about a 3 month delay. The trick to a fast registration is:

  • Keep the qualifications to an absolute minimum (1-2 is ideal)
  • Select qualifications with available and compliant learning and assessment resources
  • Appoint a dedicated person to work with us in order to progress project actions
  • Keep your planned initial RTO operation simple
  • Follow our advice and use the systems we supply you

In summary, in this service we provide you with:

  • Support by Australia’s most experienced and respected VET consultants
  • A structured and methodical registration project
  • Access to our huge bank of documents and resources
  • RTO Data student management software
  • RTO Policies and Procedures
  • RTO Forms and Tools
  • RTO Policies and Forms – CRICOS Supplement
  • RTO Website includes online enrolment and payment gateway
  • RTO Visit to confirm your readiness for the initial registration audit
  • Methodical preparation for the initial registration audit

Cost: $19,800.00 + travel costs


Important. There are three invoices issued to you during this project totaling $19,800.00. These payments are aligned with each phase of the project. The first invoice of $7,700.00 is issued and required to be paid prior to the project scheduled commencement date. The second invoice of $6,600.00 is issued once your application has been submitted to ASQA and the third invoice of $5,500.00 is issued only when you have been registered on the national training register –

Other information: Please note that the cost is inclusive of GST. Travel costs are kept to an absolute minimum and are booked at the cheapest possible fare. Newbery Consulting does not charge for travel time. The only travel in this project occurs in the final phase to conduct the visit. The travel costs are itemised separately in the final invoice along with the final project fee. Payment terms are strictly 14 days. We do not offer discounts as this project already represents fantastic value. Please do not contact us and request a discount. Send us an enquiry and lets have a chat.

Please contact us if you require more information.

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