Our RTO registration package incorporates a bundle of products and consulting services to help you move forward with your RTO registration journey with the right tools and advice. The package provides you the structure to demonstrate compliance in your application and audit whilst navigating the process with timely advice from Newbery Consulting. This package is suitable for domestic RTO registration only. We love to work with small to medium sized family businesses, so feel free to contact us to discuss your planned RTO.

This RTO registration service is delivered in the following way:

  • After the initial payment is received, we conduct an initial teleconference to confirm the application process and evidence requirements that will apply to your particular circumstances.
  • We issue you with an Application Action Plan that defines all of the application requirements and includes guidance on the development of your application evidence.
  • We set up a shared folder with you on Dropbox where we can collaborate on the development of the application evidence. This includes establishing a folder structure to prepare the application evidence to ensure nothing is missed.
  • We will supply you with your quality management system including RTO policies, procedures, software and all the forms and tools you will need to administer your learners.
  • We will also supply you with numerous documents as examples to help guide your development work including example assessment packages, training and assessment strategies, course brochures, business plan, financial plan, student handbook and much more.
  • We will get you set-up on RTO Data Cloud which is an AVETMISS compliant cloud based student management software that you will use to manage your enrolments and monitor your operation.
  • We will schedule and conduct regular phone calls to review your application evidence during its development and generally give advice along the way.
  • We will prepare the Initial Registration Self-assessment and assist to complete and submit the application on ASQAnet.

Regardless of the industry you want to provide training in from hair dressing to confined space training, chances are we have supported businesses in your sector in the past.

As our population ages, we are facing a huge skills deficit in Australia. Regulation in the training industry has helped to clean out many RTOs who have not delivered services in accordance with the national standards. This creates the opportunity for quality based and committed providers to enter the market to provide specialised and quality focused training services to help meet the growing skills demand from employers.

Newbery Consulting has been assisting businesses to become an RTO for close to 20 years. We have a genuine interest in supporting small to medium sized businesses establish their presence in the training industry. This service is designed to provide your business an affordable pathway to achieve RTO registration status in a pay-as-you-go service structure according to your support requirements.

As part of this RTO registration package we supply you with:

  • RTO Policies and Procedures (click) to establish your compliance and quality management arrangements
  • RTO Forms and Tools (click) to establish your administration system
  • RTO Data Cloud (click) student management software (12 month free subscription).
  • Consulting support by Joe Newbery to guide the development and submission of the RTO application

Cost: $14,300.00 ($8,800.00 upfront and $5,500.00 on RTO registration.)


Please note: The cost is inclusive of GST. Newbery Consulting Terms and Conditions apply. This services is delivered as a business to business transaction only. An ABN must be supplied in the purchase form. It is mandatory that you fully read and understand the Terms and Conditions before you proceed with this service.

The following articles will assist you in planning your RTO registration:

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