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Hello and welcome to VET News,It is National VET Conference week!! I will be at the National VET Conference this week Wednesday – Friday. I am delivering a Masterclass session Wednesday and attending the main conference on Thursday and Friday. It is always a great event hosted by our friends at Velg Training. If anyone is attending please come up and say hi.

ASQA has announced a new strategic review into international education. I do think this is good timing as I see that sector just starting to get a little heated. Many of you will remember the CRICOS meltdown in 2008-2010. Nobody wants to see that happen again.

Hopefully this strategic review will be the light needed to keep that side of the sector from loosing its way again.

Good Training

Joe Newbery

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Compliance & Regulatory News

ASQA Update

Regulatory decisions update – 25th of August 2017

Cancellation of registration as a provider of vocational education and training (VET) services. ASQA has announced six additional RTOs who have been notified that their registration will be cancelled. ASQA’s decisions will take effect unless the provider seeks a review of ASQA’s decision including via the the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Extended transition period for units affected by ‘Deleted’ status issue

ASQA has announced that, a number of ‘Superseded’ and ‘Current’ training products (315 in total) had their status on changed to ‘Deleted’. The ‘Deleted’ status indicates that a training product is no longer current and that it has not been replaced or superseded by another training product. Due to the status being applied retrospectively and to ensure no enrolled students are disadvantaged, ASQA Commissioners have approved an extended transition period of one (additional) year, until 13 June 2018 for the affected units of competency.

International education targeted in strategic review

ASQA has announced that it has made international education one of two target areas over the next 12 months. ASQA will undertake a strategic review of VET and English language education delivery to overseas students.

2017 Regional Skills forum

In May 2017, Skills Tasmania held six Regional Skills Forums around the State. These regional forums replaced the annual Skills and Workforce Development Conference. The main objective of the forums was to expand the understanding of a new audience about how the training system can support business productivity and local workforce participation.


Qualifications update:

Qualifications implemented in South Australia:

  • Australian Meat Processing – AMP30316 Certificate III in Meat Processing (Meat Safety)
  • Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining – PMA30116 Certificate III in Process Plant Operations
  • Resources and Infrastructure – RII30915 Certificate III in Civil Construction – RII32015 Certificate III in Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore).


Apprentice rights – Employer Guide

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has issued two new guides to assist apprentices and their employers to understand their rights and obligations in the workplace. See the links below for apprentice entitlements and information on hring employees.



Reduced transition periods for MAR qualifications:

In most cases ASQA is empowered to fix transition periods longer or shorter than those detailed in Clauses 1.26 (a), (b) and (c) of the Standards for RTOs 2015. ASQA will only consider applications for an altered transition period where it can be demonstrated that there would be genuine disadvantage to a cohort of learners if such an application was not approved. To read more about the reduced transition periods for MAR qualifications see the link below.


ASQA welcomes federal court decision against GQA:

ASQA has welcomed a decision by the Federal Court to impose important financial penalties on Get Qualified Australia Pty Ltd (GQA) and its sole director, Mr Adam Wadi, for multiple breaches of the Australian consumer law. To find out more folow the link below:


ASQA commences consultation on proposed schedule of fees and charges and revised cost structure for 2018:

ASQA is seeking feedback from the VET sector on its proposed schedule of revised fees and charges for 2018.

Submissions will be open from the 14th of August to the 12th of September on its 2017 Cost Recovery Implementation Statement – Consultation Draft (CRIS). For more details on how to do your submission see the link below:


Changes to AVETMISS R88.0 (effective 1 January 2018)

  • Update to the unique record check in the NAT00020 file.
  • Updated Standard Enrollment Form.
  • Minor text edits throughout the document for clarification purposes.

To read more click here

Other VET News

Upcoming Events:

The following events are coming up fast:

  • Reinvent your career, Sydney, 21 – 22 of October 2017 click here
  • Skills and Thrills Careers Showcase, click here
Broken Hill, 24th of October 2017
Wollongong, 26th of October 2017
Mudgee, 31st of October 2017
Future bright for quality VET in school studies:

New research connecting the 2006 VET in Schools Collection with the 2011 Census shows that school students undertaking VET studies are gaining positive employment and educational opportunities, to read more on this research CLICKHERE .

Training Package News

Updates in training packages:

The Retail Services Training Package is now available in release 3.0, it now also includes some higher level merchandising qualifications in addition to some new skill sets in e-commerce and online retail coordination.

Click on the link below to find out more:


Newbery Announcements

Webinar – Understanding volume of learning and TAS requirments

This webinar will help participants to understand the requirements of clause 1.1 in the RTO Standards. We will present the components of a Training and Assessment Strategy and detail how to make these documents useful and unique to your delivery. A focus in the presentation is the requirements around the Volume of Learning. The webinar will provide strategies to comply with this requirement and how to present your training duration to support your compliance.Select “Register Now” for an individual registration or “Add to Basket” to register multiple participants.


Newbery’s Audit Guide – Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015:

Check out our free audit guide which covers evidence relating to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. Of course this standard is only one component of the VET Quality Framework of which RTOs are required by the legislation to comply with, although most components of the VET Quality Framework are also covered within the standards.


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