VET News – 15th March 2023

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You may notice a different layout to VET News in this edition. We are experimenting with layout to ensure the information is easier to navigate and suitable across different screen sizes. Not sure we are quite there yet, but feel free to provide feedback if you like it or not. Ultimately it is your opinion that matters most.


We are finally able to share our full submission to the Inquiry into the Perceptions and Status of Vocational Education and Training. We needed to wait for the committee secretariat to post it to the inquiry website before we could provide a link. If you are a gluten for punishment for this sort of stuff, you can access our full submission at the following link (click). Needless to say, we didn’t pull any punches! Please read if you have time and always happy to receive any comments or feedback.


The National VET Regulator has introduced something new! You can now request an extension to your management of a training product transition. What a fantastic idea. You can access the details in compliance and regulatory news below.


Can you believe we are half way through March already! Have an awesome week.



Good training,

Joe Newbery

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