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The national regulator has put out a reminder to providers to submit their quality indicator data by the 30th June 2019. I cannot overstate the importance of complying with these mandatory reporting requirements. I am aware of at least 4 RTOs who received a fairly substantial fine from ASQA for not submitting their AVETMISS report. Get this report submitted now or at least set a reminder to complete it in June. Don’t be late!

We have included a new section in VET News this week called “Opportunities”. We will use this section to publish any business opportunities that we think you may be interested in. Keep an eye out for these as they may appear.

Please note the research report released by the NCVER this week called:  The role and function of small VET providers, By Patrick Korbel, Kristen Osborne, 30 April 2019. It is a great piece of work that I would thoroughly recommend. I particularly enjoyed the findings in relation to compliance. It found that small providers were compliant more often than medium or large providers. Definitely worth a read.

Someone asked me the other day, how I have time to read documents such as these research reports, et cetera. When I explained, it was strongly suggested to me that I share my trick. So, here it is: I download the report as a PDF onto my phone. I use an App called Natural Reader (click). When I get moments like sitting on a plane or during a long drive, I essentially use the App to convert text to voice. It takes a little getting used to, but I can adjust the type of voice, the speed of the reading and if I want to bypass certain sections, I just simply tap the screen to the next section. It really is brilliant. In my job, it is critical that I have a knowledge of every compliance requirement that are relevant to the services we provide. Things like funding contracts, user guides, standards, codes, et cetera change regularly. I can visually scan these documents for the relevant information but hearing these requirements read out provides a different perspective and depth to the information. If you are a glutton for VET history like I am, try listening to the 1974 Kangan Report! Anyway, that is my trick.

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Compliance & Regulatory News

2018 Quality Indicator Data Submission

All RTOs are required to submit their 2018 quality indicator data by 30 June 2019. The purpose of quality indicator reporting is to provide ASQA with a summary report of your RTOs performance against the learner engagement and employer satisfaction quality indicators.

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Other VET News

Cengage and McGraw-Hill to merge companies

Cenage and McGraw-Hill are joining to create a new global learning company to provide students with more affordable access to superior course materials and platforms. The new company will offer a broad range of best-in-class content – delivered through digital platforms at an affordable price.

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Articles and Papers

Small VET providers: the quiet achievers

The findings in this paper reflect VET delivered by non-school RTOs with a stable number of students, in terms of their size category, between 2015 and 2017 (‘stable’ providers). These stable small providers made up 24% of providers within the scope of this research but had fewer than 1% of all students in 2017.

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International onshore VET graduate outcomes 2018

This paper reveals 84.5% of international onshore students who completed a vocational education and training (VET) qualification with an Australian provider were satisfied with the overall quality of their training and 87.5% would recommend the training, down 1.3 percentage points from 2017.

Upcoming Events

EduTECH – International Congress and Expo 6th and 7th June 2019

EduTECH is here again being held at the International Convention Centre Sydney. The conference includes an amazing Free Exhibition which is always a hugely valuable part of the EduTECH experience and is where the testing, networking, product interaction happens. We totally recommend this!

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2019 Skills Conference

The Apprentice Employment Network NSW & ACT will be hosting the 2019 Skills Conference at Dockside Darling Harbour on the 13 June. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Driving innovation in Vocational Education and Training’ exploring what people in the VET industry can do to address skills shortages.

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Supervising Apprenticeships or Trainee Free workshops

The Department of Industry has released free workshops for supervisors to learn how to supervise their apprentices or trainees and to understand their role as a supervisor.

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#NoFrills Conference 2019

The No Frills conference is where researchers, practitioners, providers, government and industry representatives come together and share information on Australia’s VET sector. The conference will be held from Wednesday 10th July to Friday 12th July 2019 in Adelaide.


Business Opportunity 

ATM ID: 5745
ATM Title: Australian Defence Force Driver Machinery And Plant Training Services
Category: Education and Training Services
Description: The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has adopted a training continuum that provides learners with the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and attitudes relevant to their employment position and trade.

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AusTender materials are released by the Department of Finance. AusTender materials are subject to change and should be verified on the AusTender website to ensure the information is up to date and correct:

Newbery Announcements


Newbery Consulting is pleased to offer a full internal compliance audit with site visit over two days to provide a detailed understanding of your RTO’s compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and the National Code 2018.

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RTO Support

RTO Support offers one day consulting support provided by Joe Newbery, and may include providing general or specific advice, reviewing a clients documents or other arrangements or advising on assessment or course development.

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