27th October 2017

Compliance & Regulatory News

Man convicted and fined for issuing fake qualifications

A man who issued seven vocational education and training (VET) statements of attainment despite not being authorised to do so has been convicted and fined $3,000 in the ACT Magistrates Court.


ASQA announces changes to the transition period for maritime qualifications,, and then changed it’s mind!

ASQA recently published a decision reducing the transition period for training products from the MAR Maritime Training Package. Then,,,,, in response to stakeholder and industry feedback, ASQA has agreed not to proceed with the reduced transition period. That is backflip 101 right there!


ASQA is busy as usual cancelling the registration of RTOs

ASQA has published a range of recent regulatory decisions in respect of cancelling RTO registrations. There seriously are too many to list so we have decided instead to provide the following links:

Regulatory decisions update – 20 Sep 2017 Click
Regulatory decisions update – 5 Oct 2017 Click
Regulatory decisions update – 17 Oct 2017 Click

Articles and Papers

The future and our apprentices:

As we approach industry 4.0, we will need a capable and adaptive workforce. The VET sector is a good place to equip these people with these skills. An article by the financial review talks about the issue at hand. to read more see the link below:


Positioning VET for the ideas boom:

A new report “VET applied research: driving VET’S role in the innovation system” looks into the VET sectors potential to contribute more actively in the innovation system through an applied research agenda. For more on the report see the link below:


New research in VOCEDplus

NCVER’s has a free international research data base called VOCEDplus, research includes database for tertiary education, it contains over 75,000 items, which most are free. Latest additions include:

  • Do post secondary graduates land high skilled jobs?
  • Engaging young people in regional, rural and remote Australia.
  • Mining equipment, technology and services: a road map for unlocking future growth opportunities for Australia.
  • Recognising the value of adult and community education.
  • The digital economy: opening up the conversation.


Upcoming Events

Webinar: What school students think about choosing VET.

New research has show that secondary and primary school students have a higher interest in VET related jobs than they do in after school VET education and training pathways. To hear what the students are saying about working and studying in VET related areas join the webinar on 31st of October.


2017 Australian Training Awards:

In November, the vocational education and training sector’s best apprentices, trainees, VET teachers and students, secondary schools, registered training organisations and employers will gather in the nation’s capital for the annual Australian Training Awards. This will be held on Thursday the 23rd of November 2017 at the National Convention centre in Canberra. To buy tickets see the link below:


Newbery Announcements

RTO Data Cloud – Coming soon!

Newbery Consulting has been supplying the Australian VET Sector with low cost and highly capable Student Management Software since 2011. This has been a very successful service both for our users and our business. For too long, providers have been paying far too much for accessing cloud based student management systems to manage their enrolments and comply with mandatory reporting requirements. We are about to offer an alternative that will be a game changer in student management software as a service.


Webinar – Understanding volume of learning and TAS requirements

This webinar will help participants to understand the requirements of clause 1.1 in the RTO Standards. We will present the components of a Training and Assessment Strategy and detail how to make these documents useful and unique to your delivery. A focus in the presentation is the requirements around the Volume of Learning. The webinar will provide strategies to comply with this requirement and how to present your training duration to support your compliance.Select “Register Now” for an individual registration or “Add to Basket” to register multiple participants.


Newbery’s Audit Guide – Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015:

Check out our free audit guide which covers evidence relating to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. Of course this standard is only one component of the VET Quality Framework of which RTOs are required by the legislation to comply with, although most components of the VET Quality Framework are also covered within the standards.


We invite new subscribers to VET New!

VET News has been published as a free newsletter since Nov 2011. As we approach our sixth year anniversary we are looking for new subscribers. Our growth as a newsletter has been completely organic. We have not resorted to spam and find that most of our new subscribers come through referral.We are inviting new subscribers, so please forward this VET News onto your network.


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