RTO Registration

Important – Price increase – RTO Registration

With effect 1st August 2016, Newbery Consulting will implement a price increase for our two services to register RTOs. From this date the following price increases will take effect:

RTO Registration Service will increase to: $19,800.00 (three payments of $6,600.00).

RTO Registration DIY will increase to: $13,200.00 (up front single payment).

The current price for these services is $16,500.00 for the full project and $9,900.00 for the DIY project until the 31st July 2016. Newbery Consulting has given significant consideration to this price increase and have consulted with our existing clients. Our last price increase for these services was in 2011 and although we are the market leader in the provision of RTO registration services, we have deliberately kept the cost for these services low to minimise the entry costs for niche training providers and those seeking to commence a small business. As at today (18th May 2016), our competitors are charging almost double (average is about $35,000.00) compared to what we are charging to register an RTO. They also do not supply their clients’ with the products and services we supply and most of their cost is charged up-front. We on the other hand charge only 1/3 of the cost up-front and the other two payments are only invoiced when we achieve the outcomes in the project schedule (in arrears).

We have been registering RTOs for 10 years and on average register a new RTO every 9 days. We are always looking to work with clients who demonstrate to us that:

  • they are committed to delivering quality training and assessment and maximising learner outcomes
  • they have selected a sensible scope that they can manage and will allow them to focus on quality not quantity
  • they have the capacity to commit to the project and can complete their project activities
  • they have a valid registered business which is registered for an ABN
  • they can meet the ASQA financial viability and fit and proper person requirements
  • they will be nice people to work with and will follow the advice we provide

In order to secure the registration project at the current price, prospective clients must provide Newbery Consulting with a signed project agreement no later than 31st July 2016. Newbery Consulting reserve the right to not offer a project agreement where the prospective client does not satisfy the above criteria.