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Newbery RTO Compliance Quiz

Are you a guru in RTO compliance? It's time to put yourself to the test and take the Newbery Compliance Quiz. This 10 question quiz will be regularly refreshed with new random questions drawn from a bank of over 200 questions and growing. Test your knowledge and understanding of RTO compliance. The quiz is time limited and you have only 5 minutes, which is actually heaps of time if you know your stuff. Good luck.

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1. Select from the list below the types of education and support services that may be offered by an RTO as defined by the Standards for RTOs 2015. Select multiple.

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2. From the list below, select the "Principles of Assessment" as defined by the Standards for RTOs 2015.

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3. An RTO can engage another RTO under a third party arrangement to deliver a training product on its behalf as long as? Hint, all are correct, but select the most correct and relevant answer. Select one only.

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4. An RTO must validate the assessment for each training product on its scope of registration at least once every five years. True or False?

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5. Scenario: You are reviewing a number of completed student assessments and you notice that the assessor has repeatedly marked the student's written responses to some questions as "correct" when the marking guide recommends a different answer.

Question. Of the principles of assessment provided below, which principle of assessment would you identify as the primary non-compliance in regard to the assessment practices? Select one.

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6. Of the statements about RPL provided below, which is the most correct?

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7. A unit of competency that is no longer current (is superseded) that is a named unit within a current qualification, must continue to be delivered as part of that qualification. True or False?

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8. When undertaking industry engagement, the RTO is required to engage with industry to systematically use the outcome of industry engagement to ensure the relevance of training and assessment. According to the Standards for RTOs, what types of organisations are defined as "Industry"? Select multiple.

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9. To determine the amount of training for the delivery of a training product, the RTO should refer to the nominal hours published in the Victorian Purchasing Guide which will specify the amount of training required for each unit of competency.

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10. From the options provided below, which statement is correct in regard to the trainer and assessor competency requirements? Select multiple.

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