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Newbery RTO Compliance Quiz

Are you a guru in RTO compliance? It's time to put yourself to the test and take the Newbery Compliance Quiz. This 10 question quiz will be regularly refreshed with new random questions drawn from a bank of over 200 questions and growing. Test your knowledge and understanding of RTO compliance. The quiz is time limited and you have only 5 minutes, which is actually heaps of time if you know your stuff. Good luck.

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1. Scenario: You are reviewing a completed student assessment and you note that the unit of competency specifies that the performance evidence should include evidence that demonstrates the students ability on two separate occasions. In your review of the completed student assessment, you notice that there is only evidence of performance assessment on only one occasion.

Question. Of the rules of evidence provided below, which rule of evidence would you identify as the primary non-compliance in regard to this scenario?

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2. An RTO must use the NRT logo in its advertising as long as it is positioned in direct association with a training product that is on the RTO scope of registration. True or False?

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3. When administering a credit transfer application, the RTO must ensure that the following regulatory requirements are applied? Select one.

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4. The RTO advertises a training product on it website for delivery at the RTO premises three days per week over 6 months. The RTO also advises in its advertisement that the course includes a mandatory work placement of 120 hours in duration. When you review the actual delivery and the training and assessment strategy you find that the course is being delivered in the workplace over 12 months as a traineeship.

The RTO is non-compliant with the standards. Why? Select one.

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5. According to the Standards for RTOs 2015, the RTO must have regard to the amount of training for each learner base on which of the following factors (select three only).

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6. Where a unit of competency is no longer current due to being superseded, all learners’ training and assessment must be completed and the relevant AQF certificate issued within what time period from the date the unit of competency was superseded?

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7. Scenario: You are reviewing completed student assessments and you notice that many students for the same assessment appear to have simply copied (verbatim) their answers to the knowledge assessment directly from the learner guide. You notice that the assessor has marked the knowledge assessment as satisfactory for all students.  You confirm that the knowledge assessment instructions require the student to provide answers using their own words to demonstrate their own understanding about the knowledge.

Question. Of the rules of evidence provided below, which rule of evidence would you identify as the primary non-compliance?

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8. From the list below select the information items that must be notified to a prospective learner prior to their enrolment or commencement, whichever come first. Select multiple.

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9. The NRT logo must be displayed on all AQF certificates including transcripts and records of result. True or False?

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10. An RTO must ensure that any third party agreements it has entered into are notified to ASQA within how many calendar days of that agreement being entered into?

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