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Thursday 11th May 2023

Hello and welcome to VET News,


I hope you are all well. You would be aware that the Federal Budget was released on Tuesday this week. I have to admit that I am one of those tragic’s that rushed home from a meeting to sit down and watch the budget. It looks like business as usual with the skills funding retained in the Contingency Reserve (estimated at $3.7 billion) for the 5 year National Skills Agreement which is currently being negotiated with state and territory governments. The new National Skills Agreement is scheduled to commence on 1 January 2024. Under this agreement, an additional “300,000 fee-free TAFE and vocational education training places” will be provided.


Notice the change in language in these announcements. They now refer to “TAFE and vocational education training places”. Maybe they are listening? One interesting fact that I dug up last month when considering the Government’s commitment to ensure that at least 70% of funding be allocated to TAFE. In NSW, in 2020, TAFE received 84.33% of the funding anyway and in 2021 they received 83.88% of the funding. The new skills agreement will be interesting to watch out for but I feel that it will be business as usual. With the high intake of migrants expected to continue and the unemployment rate expected to rise, there should theoretically be more students looking for training.


For those providers waiting on the outcome of your Smart and Skilled application, Training Services have advised that they anticipate being able to issue advice on the outcome of these applications from mid-May 2023. So maybe the next few weeks.


Good training,

Joe Newbery


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