VET News – Thursday 13th April 2023

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Thank you to those who provided some feedback on the new VET News layout. We have made some minor adjustments and will continue to make improvements.


For those responsible for submitting the Annual Declaration of compliance, this can be submitted from the 17th April (next Monday) and will be initiated by ASQA via an email with a unique web link for each RTO. Keep an eye out for this email.


I am pleased to release our most recent article on our website which provides a Guide to the ASQA Audit Process. The new ASQA audit process really is a fundamental shift from the way VET regulatory audits have been conducted over the last two decades. It is a good process, but if you have a renewal of registration coming up in the next two years, this article is mandatory reading. We talk about the evidence which will be requested, the questions which will be asked and the sequence of events. Remember the five Ps (or the six Ps if you prefer that version). You must prepare systematically for your renewal of registration, and I am sure this article will be of great value:


Guide to ASQA Audit Process



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