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Lots of changes in training products over the last two weeks. We are working hard to revise our first-aid assessment packages and are receiving lots of questions about the changes to the business services training package. The new BSB package was released with an 18 months transition period which will certainly assist RTOs to manage the changes which are significant.

I seem to be spending a lot of time thinking and talking about recognition of prior learning over the last couple of months. This is primarily being driven by client experiences during audits where the regulator is taking a particular hard line with recognition of prior learning assessment arrangement. This expectation by the regulator is not particularly new to me, but it does seem to be getting more airplay than usual.

Back in the early days of VET, if a guy could walk like a duck and quack like a duck, we would recognise him as a Boilermaker. During the period around 2007 to 2015 things started to change where regulators were tightening up the review of RPL assessment processes. I say to clients regularly that RPL is no different to any other type of assessment. It requires the same rules, same principles and the same training package requirements. Over the last few years, I have observed a very atomistic expectation to conducting RPL assessment. The regulator expects the RPL candidate to provide direct evidence against every single performance criteria and knowledge evidence. I regularly see audit reports which identify RPL as non-compliant due to insufficient “decision-making rules”. If you compare the current expectation about RPL with where it all started in 1993 and the release of the VEETAC, Arrangements for the recognition of prior learning in Australia, the change in expectation is significant. The expected efficiencies that RPL would bring and the advantages it was intended to support productivity in the workplace have diminished significantly over the decades. RPL is now difficult to conduct in a way that meets the expectation of the regular.

I am currently working on an article to post on our website in the next couple of weeks where I will unpack contemporary RPL requirements and try to provide some strategies to comply with the current requirements whilst trying to achieve the originally intended efficiencies. It is a complex topic and one that I know many RTOs will be eager to get some advice on.

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Joe Newbery

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Compliance & Regulatory News

BSB training package v7.0 update

The BSB training package has undergone a significant update with the release of v7.0. The updates reflect the need to align student outcomes to current and evolving best-practice, support regulatory compliance in an increasingly digital environment and reduce repetition throughout the BSB training package. The update also sees the introduction of transferable skill elective groups and specialisation streams embedded in qualifications.

For training products that have been assessed as equivalent to their predecessor, ASQA will automatically update the scope of registration of RTOs and CRICOS providers who deliver those training products as an explicit item on their scope. For all non-equivalent training products, RTOs will need to apply via asqanet. RTOs will be granted 18 months to transition out of using the superseded BSB training products. PWC’s Skills for Australia has released supporting material to explain the training packages.

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ASQA Annual Report 2019–20 now available

ASQA’s Annual Report for the 2019-20 financial year is now available. The report is a record of ASQA’s activities and performance for the previous financial year, outlining key achievements in 2019-20, including the support of the rapid review of ASQA’s governance, regulatory practices and culture, resulting in 24 recommendations that were all accepted by government and support in the development of two legislative changes to the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011.

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Opt-in pre-approval for newly endorsed first aid units of competency

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) endorsed the release of new versions of eight first aid units of competency within the HLT Health Training Package.

Given the high number of RTOs with superseded first aid units explicitly listed on their scope of registration, ASQA is offering an alternative application process to eligible RTOs. Under this process, new units will only be added to an RTO’s scope if they already have the related superseded unit on their scope of registration. All pre-approved RTOs have been invited directly with instructions of how to opt-in to apply for the new first aid units. For eligible RTOs, the opportunity to opt-in closes 1st November 2020.

RTOs that were not pre-approved to opt-in have been notified individually that they may apply for the new units through asqanet.  RTOs will have 12 months to transition out of using the superseded first aid units.

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Infection control amendments to CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support specialisations

The Ageing and Disability specialisations of the Certificate III in Individual Support have been updated to include HLTINF001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures as a required unit in Release 4 of the qualification. The change applies to all newly enrolled students from 9 September 2020. For students enrolled prior to 9 September, an extraordinary transition period will apply to enable those close to graduating to do so – the change will apply from 28 February 2021.

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Other VET News

Create a USI and a reusable Digital Identity

USI is conducting a beta of a new trusted government service to prove who you are online: it’s called a Digital Identity. You can use a Digital Identity to create a USI or login to an existing USI account. You’ll also be able to use your Digital Identity to login to other services online. Creating a Digital Identity is like doing a 100-point identification check.


Woolworths partners with Australian Government to get Indigenous locals into jobs

Woolworths’ Resourcing the Future program, run in partnership with Diversity Dimensions, has welcomed more than 2270 new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members in the past three years. The program has a retention rate of 71 per cent and aims to provide at least 900 more employment opportunities by 30 June 2021.

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Two new identity documents to create myGovID

There are now seven approved Australian identity documents that can be used when creating a myGovID – an essential requirement for providers to gain access to the USI Registry System.

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Articles and Papers

LSAY offers unique glimpse into generational change

Data from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) is now available across 3 decades, offering a unique glimpse into how youth transitions in Australia have changed across a generation. The latest data has been used to create Life at 25: then & now; a snapshot of how study, training and work have changed for Australians aged 25 in 2019 when compared with those of the same age in 2009. It shows that significantly higher proportions of unemployed 25-year-olds are reporting a range of challenges while looking for work, including lack of suitable education or skills, poor health or low self-esteem.

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Labour Market Trend Updates

Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Snapshot – 21 September to 16 October 2020

From 1st September to 16th October 2020, the Accommodation and Food Services industry recorded the highest recruitment rate of any of the reported industries, with 49 per cent of employers in this industry currently recruiting or having recruited in the past month. There was significant variation across the states, with 84 per cent of employers in the industry in Western Australia recruiting, compared with just 20 per cent in Victoria.


Training Package & Qualification Updates

Training Package Updates

The following training packages have been updated on

  • HLT: Health Training Package
    Revised 16th October 2020.
  • BSB: Business Services Training Package
    Revised 12th August 2020.
  • SIR: Retail Services Training Package
    Revised 21st October 2020.

Upcoming Events

VELG 2020 Virtual VET Expo
Date: 26-30 October 2020

Virtually’ engage with VELG exhibitors via their 3D,  interactive, online exhibition space to make connections in a time of seeming disconnection. The National VET PD Week will cover a range of topics specifically designed for all VET Practitioners to upskill, extend knowledge and provide practical guidance relating directly to their role in the VET sector.


Support & Assistance

BSB Business Services Training Package Version 7.0 – Implementation Support

PWC’s Skills for Australia has provided the following implementation materials to support training providers in their delivery of the updated BSB training products. The BSB Interpretation Manual offers supplementary interpretation guidance for all Units of Competency in the Training Package. The BSB video series is also available to hear more about the review and updates made to the training products.


Energy and Infrastructure Training Market Development Fund

The 2020 Energy and Infrastructure Training Market Development Fund (TMD Fund), a Department of State Growth program to support Tasmania to build a skilled workforce equipped with the expertise needed for major energy, infrastructure and related initiatives. The TMD Fund provides grants to training organisations to increase training capacity and undertake other projects that respond to the training needs of Tasmania’s energy and infrastructure sectors.
Applications open on Friday 16 October 2020.

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RTO Data Cloud

Newbery Consulting has been supplying student management software for over 10 years. A cloud based RTO student management system that provides RTOs the capability to manage their training operation and meet all national and State reporting and compliance obligations. It would be our pleasure to offer you access as a trial user and you can evaluate the system capabilities for yourself.

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