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Hope you are all well. Lots of helpful information this month. I particularly recommend the Research Messages 2011 from the NCVER. The link is toward the bottom. Like me, I am sure you are all flat out trying to keep across industry developments and trends. I found this document great, as it provides a summary of an entire research paper in one page (fantastic!). It also provides the links to the original report which is great.

Also of interest is the current holding pattern of QLD in moving to the NVR. We will now have to wait and see what happens after the election. For those who have substantial items on your scope of registration, take note of the increase in fees by ASQA.

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Compliance and Regulatory News

ASQA update

Highlights of ASQA’s February update are:

Dates are times have been confirmed for information sessions to be held in Perth, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne during March-April. Registrations are now open.

Michael Lavarch is the new Commissioner – Risk Analysis and Investigations. He takes up his post on 16 April 2012.

From 15 Feb 2012 regulatory responsibilities for VET registration and accreditation in Tasmania are transferred to the ASQA. There are no firm dates as yet for Queensland and South Australia.

Key points regarding the use of logos for ASQA RTOs are provided.

NSW RTOs or ELICOS providers wishing to renew or amend their CRICOS registration should apply to ASQA and not NEAS.

Two updated forms are available on the ASQA website: ‘Notification of material change or event’ and ‘Notification of change of provider details’.

Click below to read the full publication.



ASQA increases its fees and charges

ASQA amended its schedule of fees and charges on 17 February 2012. Click here to download the new schedule:



Queensland now in election holding pattern

As expected, legislation to transition VET regulatory responsibility from the Queensland regulator to ASQA was not passed by the Queensland Parliament prior to the government entering caretaker mode. This means business as usual for Queensland RTOs.


VRQA training package transition advice for RTOs

From 1 January 2012 Victorian purchasing guides will no longer include transition arrangements when a training package is reviewed. The VRQA plans to prepare transition advice to VRQA registered training organisations based on the information provided in the training package mapping table. Read more at:



Training Package News

Recent Training Package updates:

MEA11 Aeroskills, version 1.0, released 23/01/2012

AUR05 Automotive Retail, Service and Repair, version 4.0, released 20/12/2011

FPI11 Forest and Forest Products, version 1.0, released 07/02/2012

CPP07 Property Services, version 9.0, released 20/02/2012

TLI10 Transport and Logistic, version 2.0, released 02/02/2012

For details of release information go to http://training.gov.au/


Launch of CUL11 Library, Information and Cultural Services Training Package

IBSA will officially launch this recently endorsed training package in Canberra on 29 March 2012. For more details go to:



Events, Resources & Funding News

Important Note: The inclusion of news items about recently released resources does not constitute an endorsement by Newbery Consulting. A full and detailed review of any ‘off-the-shelf’ resource should be undertaken to determine if it is suitable for your organisation and can be customised to meet your needs.


2012 TAE10 V2.0 Diploma National Workshops

IBSA is hosting a series of professional development workshops on the new TAE Diploma qualification. A number of sessions are already fully booked so if you’re interested, you should act quickly. Click on the link below for details.



TAE10 Cert IV Transition Guide

IBSA has developed a Transition Guide to support in the move from TAA40104 to TAE40110. Click on the link below to download the Guide.



CS&HISC resources

CS&HISC has announced a revamp of its online store and resources section. There are numerous resources available for free downloading, including assessment and recognition tools for high use qualifications, learner guides and workforce development and planning tools: Visit the website below to browse the available resources.



2012 Health and Community Services Workforce Innovation Conference

The Workforce Council has just announced Tim Costello as the keynote speaker for its conference which takes place at Brisbane’s Hilton Hotel on Thursday 31 May and Friday 1 June 2012. For more information on the event go to:



Successful 2012 National VET E-learning Strategy projects announced

Around 80 projects have been successful in the first round of funding for delivery of e-learning training programs under the National VET E-learning Strategy. Find out more about them at the link below.



VET E-standards updated for 2012

An updated set of standards for creating accessible and reusable e-learning content has been published for the vocational education and training (VET) sector. Key updates for 2012 are around desktop platforms and content formats, including the warning that Flash is expected to be removed from the recommended formats from 2013 after Adobe’s announcement that it is discontinuing development of the format on mobile devices. To access the new standards go to:



Australian apprenticeships & traineeships updates

The Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service has released its Feb 2012 newsletter (195). It contains updated information about recent changes to recognised apprenticeships and traineeships. It can be accessed at the following link:



Foundations skills for the automotive industry

Auto Skills Australia has developed a brochure titled Foundations Skills for Automotive Explained. This brochure provides useful information on Foundation Skills relating to the Automotive Industry. Click on the link below to download the brochure.



Other News of Interest

The Qld Government releases its Resources Skills and Employment Plan

The plan includes 24 recommendations to meet the needs of Queensland employers, including proposed new models to enable adult workers to develop trade skills and make a trade career a more attainable and realistic career option. Read more about the Plan at the link below:



Computer games deliver OHS certification

With Australia moving to adopt a national qualification to enable workers to enter a construction site, a project is currently underway to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of an immersive 3D computer game to deliver occupational health and safety (‘White Card’) certification training for the construction industry. Read more about the initiative at:



Proving it’s never too late to change careers and follow your passion

The 2011 Australian Apprentice of the Year, Colin Wilson, worked for 20 years, including work as a qualified fitter and turner, before pursuing his passion in the food industry. Click on the link below for more information.



Getting to know NCVER: A guide to NCVER’s information resources

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has a wealth of VET research and statistics at your fingertips but it can be daunting finding the information you need. This guide provides a summary of NCVER’s research and statistical resources: what they are, and where to access them. Go to:



Research messages 2011

Research messages 2011 is a collection of summaries of research projects published by NCVER in 2011. The publication also has an overview essay that captures the themes and highlights from the research for the year. Click on the link below to access this NCVER publication (You’ll need to be a registered).



Training providers caught in skills conflict

The Australian newspaper reported on what appears to be a breakdown in inter-governmental co-operation with the Victoria government claiming that the national VET regulator is registering training providers that are under investigation by state authorities. Read the story at the link below (NB. May require subscription):



HECS hike accompanies dip in diplomas

According to The Australian, newly released federal government data offers evidence that the uncapping of higher education has eroded VET’s share of tertiary students, putting commonwealth and COAG tertiary education targets at cross purposes. Read the story at the link below (NB. May require subscription):



These news items have been researched and prepared by: Anne Maree Newbery.

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