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We had a number of clients this week receive a request from the The Social Research Centre for the first round of VET Student Experience Survey data. I can tell you that the request was not simple. The response requires each RTO to somehow extract data from their student management system according to a report specification with 19 separate data elements by next Friday. My guess is that it was cooked up with very little consultation with providers about their capability to submit the data in the requested format.

The submission data needs to comply with the AVETMISS data element specification. So, its not sufficient to simply identify the student’s State as NSW, it needs to be reported as 01, as an example. I get the reason why. It probably would have been a good idea to consult with or even just give a courtesy heads-up to the AVETMISS software vendors so that they could have designed this report in advance for their clients. I know in our case, I have needed to pull our development team off what they were doing this week to work on this report so that our clients can respond on-time. Our clients will be fine, but I can only imagine how some RTOs are now scrambling to both interpret the specification and to prepare a response. Not well executed at all.

I predict that RTO compliance with the VET Student Experience Survey data request will be problematic and I will not be surprised if the format for the submission is revised. This whole initiative seemed to appear out of nowhere last month with an ASQA announcement and here we are with implementation without any consultation with the key stakeholders that could have assisted in its success. Fair dinkum!

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Joe Newbery

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Compliance & Regulatory News

ASQA approves extended transition period for 18 qualifications from the CPC08 Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package

ASQA has recently approved an extended transition period for 18 qualifications from the CPC08 Training Package until 31 December 2021.

ASQA also agreed to extend the transition period of CPC40308 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Estimating) and CPC40508 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management) to 27 November 2022.

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Other VET News

NCVER AVETMISS Client Support Survey 2021

NCVER’s AVETMISS Client Support (Client Support) team provides advice and assistance to RTOs with their national AVETMISS reporting obligations.

The purpose of this survey is to determine how effective NCVER have been in providing services to RTOs, as someone who has used our services recently or owns an RTO listed on The survey will remain open for 2 weeks and close on Friday, 7 May 2021.

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Issuing Certification

To assist RTOs, Training Accreditation Council (TAC) has developed a new Fact Sheet titled ‘Issuing Testamurs and Statements of Attainment’ which provides sample templates for a testamur, Statement of Attainment, and Record of Results. A TAC Fact Sheet is available to explain specific guidelines on when and how to use the TAC, Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) and AQF logos.

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Free report on student outcomes satisfaction for your RTO

Each year, the National Student Outcomes Survey (SOS) collects important information about VET students’ satisfaction with their training and their employment and further study outcomes. The 2020 SOS RTO reports are available now. To ensure data are appropriately protected, NCVER will only disclose VET data about RTOs to an authorised person within the RTO.

The 2021 National Student Outcomes Survey will open in June 2021 for students who completed a VET qualification, program or subject during 2020.

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Articles and Papers

Employers’ use and views of the VET system

The Survey of Employers’ Use and Views of the VET system collects information about employers’ engagement and satisfaction with the VET system and the various ways employers use the VET system to meet their skill needs. This survey shows 50.9% of employers used the VET system in 2019, down 3.5 percentage points from 2017. In 2019, the top two reasons for having vocational qualifications as a job requirement is to provide the skills required for the job and for legislative, regulatory or licensing requirements.

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Annual Australian Apprenticeships Summary Statistics

This report provides a snapshot of apprenticeships and traineeships across Australia in the 12 months to 30 September 2020, compared with the previous year. There were 264,425 apprentices and trainees in training, a decrease of 4.2% from the previous year (276,020), 2% of workers were employed as an apprentice or trainee and 10.1% of employed workers within the trade occupations were an apprentice or trainee.

Read the full report here.

Labour Market Trend Updates

Recruitment Insights Report – March 2021

The report from the Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey, highlights key findings and trends in recruitment activity, recruitment difficulty and future staffing expectations. In March 2021, 46% of surveyed employers reported that they were recruiting or had recruited in the past month, unchanged from February. The recruitment rates in both Rest of State areas (49%) and Capital Cities (44%) were unchanged from February 2021. In March 2021, 23% of employers expected to increase their staffing levels over the next 3 months, compared with 20% in February 2021 and 16% in June 2020. In Rest of State areas, the proportion of employers expecting to increase staff in March 2021 reached a peak of 26%, the highest level since the start of the series in April 2020.

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Training Package Updates

Training Package Updates

The following training packages have been updated on

  • AVI: Aviation Training Package
    Revised 15th April 2021.
  • CUA: Creative Arts and Culture
    Revised 16th April 2021.
  • MSS: Sustainability
    Revised 21st April 2021.
  • SIR: Retail Services
    Revised 28th April 2021.
Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Qualification Update 

Updates have been made to some Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Qualifications.


Upcoming Events

Webinar: Online learning – beyond PDFs and Zoom
Date: Thursday 6 May, 2021 at 2pm – 3.30pm AEST.

Hear from a VET consultant, provider and quality assessor on how VET providers can use educational technology to enhance and support the quality of online learning and outcomes for students.

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National Careers Week Webinars
17-21 May 2021

AATIS will be hosting a free webinar each day at 2PM AEDT between Monday May 17th – Friday May 21st. There will be a variety of topics being discussed including Resources for Schools, Job Hunters and Employers as well as ‘Social Marketing in the VET Sector’ and ‘The Value of the Network: The AATIS Partners Program’.

Register here.

Virtual Skills Week 2021
24th – 27th May 2021

WorldSkills Australia has partnered with AWS, Keysight Technologies and CloudShare to create Virtual Skills Week 2021 – where Australia’s top up-and-coming IT talent will battle for medals, prizes and a potential spot at the WorldSkills Australia National Championships. Registrations are now open.

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