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Thank you to all of those who wrote to express their agreement about the very poor quality training that is being delivered by some providers and the race to the bottom approach. Hopefully the national regulator is taking notice and will increase its systematic monitoring of the sector. Some of the stories that you shared are just so disappointing and it creates a very difficult market to operate in. Apart from expressing our opinion to the national regulator publicly, I think that next time they send out a survey asking about how they are performing, we all need to give them this honest feedback about these rogue RTOs operating unchecked with impunity. One pieces of advice that I find myself giving to clients from time to time is, the national regulator is not your friend. You are not going to hurt their feelings, so if you feel that they are not doing the job that they are meant to be doing, it’s critical to tell them.

On other matters, the new TAE training products are being released this week (maybe even today). The new TAE40122 is equivalent to TAE40116 and if you have the old TAE40110 with the two gap units you are also fine. Saying that, there are some nice new units in the revised qualification particularly relating to language literacy numeracy and e-learning and so these might be great units of competency for further professional development. Keep an eye out for this today.

Just a heads up for those delivering individual care training, back on the 22 Nov 2022 the qualification CHC43015 – Certificate IV in Ageing Support was published on TGA as “deleted” and replaced by a revised qualification CHC43021. The fact that is was deleted has implications under the standards to cease taking new enrolments and to teach out all current students within a two year timeframe. Some of our clients had already started planning this and communicating with the effected students. It turns out that it was published incorrectly, and it has been replaced and not deleted; however the revised qualification (CHC43021) is not yet available on TGA. So, if you are one of the 328 RTOs delivering this qualification, just hold off doing anything about transition until the dust settles and the right information is published on TGA. Thank you to one of our lovely clients who followed this up and passed it on.

Good training,

Joe Newbery

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Compliance & Regulatory News

Addressing risk to VET for international students

ASQA is acutely aware that poor quality practices by a small number of providers can inflict significant harm on students, on confidence in an otherwise dedicated and committed sector and damage Australia’s reputation for quality educational outcomes.
ASQA has been attuned and proactively managing the risks to international education, including the vulnerability of international students, within our functions and in partnership with others for some time.

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Other VET News

New Interim Director of Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA).

Professor Peter Dawkins AO has been announced as the Interim Director of Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA).
Peter brings a wealth of experience to the position. He is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Mitchell Institute for Education and Health Policy at Victoria University, where he was the Vice-Chancellor and President from 2011 until 2020

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Joint media statement – Australian and WA governments sign landmark skills agreement

The Australian and Western Australian Governments have signed a landmark 12-month Skills Agreement to address the current skills shortage and deliver Fee Free TAFE and more vocational education places for Western Australians.
The Agreement will inject more than $112 million into the Western Australian skills and training sector.

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The following Cases for Endorsement have been endorsed by the Skills Ministers.
To find out more about these Cases for Endorsement or to review the proposed training products, click on the links below:

Automotive Projects
Business Services Projects
Mining, Drilling and Civil Infrastructure
Information and Communications Technology Projects

Articles and Papers

Commonwealth Ombudsman Issues Paper

On 9 November 2022, the Commonwealth Ombudsman released an issues paper titled Improving Fairness in Written Agreements Between International Students and Australian Education Providers.
This paper reports on trends in complaints and broader issues in international education. It raises a number of concerns with the language and contractual terms being used by providers in their written agreements.

ASQA encourages all ESOS and ELICOS registered providers to review this issues paper and assure themselves they are meeting their regulatory obligations.

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Labour Market Trend Updates

Regions update

The ABS SA4 and Employment Region mapping pages have been updated with the latest October 2022 ABS data. Explore and discover information for your local region, including the latest unemployment rate, industry and occupation of employment, working age population and participation rate.

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Recruitment Insights Report

The October 2022 Recruitment Insights Report, featuring key data from the Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey, is now available. The report summarises key trends in recruitment activity, recruitment difficulty and staffing expectations, and is accompanied by an excel datafile with detailed breakdowns. Included in this month’s release is a Spotlight on recruitment difficulty as a proportion of all employers (called the difficulty-to-population ratio), and how this measure varies across different types of regions.

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Internet Vacancy Index

The Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) is a monthly count of online job advertisements compiled by Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA).
Data are available by occupational groups, skill level groups, state or territory and by regional areas.

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Training Package Updates

Training Package Updates

The following training packages have been updated on

  • CHC: Community Services – 01/12/2022
  • MEA: Aeroskills Training Package- 21/11/22
  • PSP: Public Sector Training Package – 20/11/22
  • HLT: Health – 25/11/2022
  • CSC: Correctional Services Training Package 05/12/2022


Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Qualification Update

Updates have been made to some Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Qualifications.

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National Training Requirements

This section outlines the training required for the roles and categories defined in the national harmonisation of temporary traffic management practice.
The national harmonisation of temporary traffic management practice recognises three core roles:

  • Traffic Controller
  • Traffic Management Implementer
  • Traffic Management Designer.

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Extended transition period: CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry

ASQA has recently approved an extended transition period for the qualification CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry for all ASQA registered RTOs with scope for delivery for continuing students only.
The extended training, assessment and certification issuance period for this qualification ends on 31 January 2024.

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Extended transition period: ACM40321 – Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training

ASQA has recently approved an extended transition period for the qualification ACM40321 – Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training for ASQA registered 5 RTOs with scope for delivery for new and continuing students.
The extended training, assessment and certification issuance period for this qualification ends on 15 July 2024.

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ATM ID: Health/E22296661
Agency : Department of Health and Aged Care
Category:  Education and Training Services
Description: The Department of Health and Aged Care is seeking to engage organisations and/or established or future consortia as a supplier/s to develop and implement the Care and Support Sector Nursing Clinical Placements program over 2023 and 2024.

The aim of this program is to provide Bachelor/Master of nursing students with high-quality clinical placements in the care and support sector (aged care, veterans’ care and disability support). This is to be achieved through engaging nursing clinical facilitators and developing an online resources hub to assist students while they are on their placement.

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Upcoming Events

32nd National VET Research Conference – 2023
Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 July 2023RMIT University Melbourne City Campus (Storey Hall).
‘No Frills’ is a well-known annual national conference and a key part of NCVER’s engagement with the VET sector. It is an opportunity to showcase research to VET practitioners and build the capacity of researchers. It provides participants with a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge and be a part of an event that encourages thought-provoking presentations and opportunities to network in a relaxed and friendly environment

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AVETRA’s 25th Annual Conference
Melbourne- 27 & 28 April 2023VET + Challenging times, Challenges of our time and Challenges that lie ahead is the theme for this year’s AVETRA Conference.

The AVETRA 2023 Conference showcases scholarly and applied research of, for and from within vocational education. It is the leading annual gathering of researchers, VET practitioners and leaders, education policy makers and representatives from industry, unions and employers in Australia and
New Zealand.

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The Future of Apprenticeships

The Future of Apprenticeships , ‘Perspectives from Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia striving for excellence’

Melbourne- 5 – 7 February 2023
Auckland- 9-10 February 2023

The conference promises to be an excellent opportunity to network and connect with industry stakeholders, participate in a range of workshops, study tours, facilitated debates and attend industry network events.

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RTO Data Cloud

Newbery Consulting has been supplying student management software for over 10 years. A cloud based RTO student and learning management system that provides RTOs the capability to manage their training operation and meet all national and State reporting and compliance obligations. It would be our pleasure to offer you access as a trial user and you can evaluate the system capabilities for yourself.

Don’t continue to pay too much for cloud based AVETMISS software. Have the flexibility to only paying for your additional users as you need them. Set up your online enrolments and customise your certificates at no extra cost. Need to manage your CRICOS and State funded enrolments, no problems. Get in contact with the team at Newbery Consulting today and request to be set up as a trial user.

Visit RTO Data Cloud for further information.

New Webinar!
Observation AssessmentThis webinar is aimed to increase your understanding of observation assessment. Joe will explore the common problems with observation assessment, explore criterion referenced assessment as a foundation assessment method and talk through designing observation tools and mapping observation assessment. Benchmarking will also be discussed, along with the dos and don’ts of recording observation evidence.
This webinar is packed full of valuable information that will help ensure that your students are receiving the benefit of valid criterion referenced assessment according to a nationally consistent standard and of course to develop a proactive and positive RTO compliance culture.

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $25.00

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