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I hope you are all well. We are please today to make available to the VET sector our revised audit tool which has been created to align with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. This audit tool replaces previous versions from Newbery Consulting which are in circulation that relate to now superseded RTO Standards.

This audit tool is the result of development and review over the past 4 months by lead consultants within Newbery Consulting. The criteria we have provided within each standard and clause go directly to the core of evaluating compliance and are presented in plain language. Where relevant, clauses have been combined within the tool to aid in their review and to assist RTOs to make sense of the standards which are so fragmented. Additional criteria have also been added which Newbery Consulting consider to be important in any internal audit and particularly when preparing for a regulatory audit.

This is the first of a number of products Newbery Consulting will release to the sector which will assist RTOs to monitor their compliance and maximise quality outcomes for their students. The release of these products to the sector directly aligns with our mission to:

Support the Australian VET sector by providing highly informed and innovative products and services that strengthen our client’s capabilities and quality systems and result in optimal outcomes for their students.

Notes about this audit tool:

  • This audit tool has been developed by Newbery Consulting and made available as a free download in support of the VET Sector (because that’s what we do).
  • We have produced this audit tool to provide RTOs a useful tool that can be customised and which provides audit criteria which can be easily interpreted and go to the core of each standard.
  • You are encouraged to customise this audit tool, we only request that you leave the “© Newbery Consulting – 2015” notice in the footer of the document as a recognition of the original work.
  • This audit tool has deliberately omitted specific clauses that do not relate to most RTOs or which are not yet applicable. If you are a private RTO that does not deliver TAE qualifications or utilise trainers / assessors under supervision, then this tool is perfect for you. We will add other clauses as needed.
  • Newbery Consulting recommends that this tool be used to conduct internal compliance audits with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and only by a person who is a qualified auditor and experienced in VET Quality Framework compliance.
  • Newbery Consulting does not accept any liability in connection with the use of this audit tool.
  • This audit tool should be used in conjunction with the actual Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015
  • Feedback is always welcome. Please send to enquiries@newberyconsulting.com.au


Download here:  Audit_Tool_Newbery_Consulting_21-07-2015


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Joe Newbery

Published: 21st July 2015

Copyright © Newbery Consulting 2015. All rights reserved.

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