Direct Debit – Terms and Conditions

This policy outlines our commitment to you as a Direct Debit customer and your rights and responsibilities throughout the Direct Debit process.

This policy applies to you where you enter into a Direct Debit arrangement with us in connection with the sale of products and services supplied by Newbery Consulting. This Direct Debit agreement supersedes any prior payment arrangements you have entered into with us for products and services. However, it does not affect or supersede any prior payment arrangements you have entered into with us for other products and services.


Your Authorisation

You authorise:

1. Newbery Consulting to arrange for funds to be debited:

a. From your nominated account (the details of which you provided to us over the phone, or in the Direct Debit application form provided to you by us),

b. For an amount that is determined in accordance with the confirmation letter you received with this Direct Debit agreement,

2. Newbery Consulting to verify the details of your nominated account with your financial institution.

3. Your financial institution to release information allowing Newbery Consulting to verify your nominated account.

4. This authorisation is to remain in force in accordance with the terms described in this Direct Debit agreement.


Our commitment

5. We’ll provide you with at least 14 days prior notice if we change any terms of this agreement. We may also cancel your Direct Debit by notice to you.

6. We’ll keep all information about your nominated bank account private and confidential, only to be disclosed at your request or that of your financial institution in connection with a claim made about an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.

7. We’ll deduct payment, to a maximum of the amount due on your account at the due date of your Direct Debit unless otherwise agreed with you. Where the Direct Debit due date falls on a non-working day or a national public holiday, we’ll deduct the payment amount on the next business day.

8. If you have an amount outstanding on your account on the date the Direct Debit starts, we’ll deduct that amount on or after that date, which may be before the first due date of your Direct Debit, unless otherwise agreed with you.

9. We’ll stop your Direct Debit in respect of your relevant product:

a. After your final bill has been paid if you stop being our customer for that product; or

b. If we stop being your retailer for that product due to the operation of a retailer of last resort scheme and you and your financial institution will be notified promptly.


Your commitment

10. You must ensure:

a. Your account information supplied to us is correct by checking it against a recent statement from your financial institution.

b. Your nominated account can accept Direct Debits; and

c. Sufficient funds are available in the nominated account to meet a payment on its due date.

11. Where you consider a payment has been initiated incorrectly, or there is a discrepancy in a payment amount, please contact us immediately so we can address your query.

12. You must advise us if:

a. Your nominated account is transferred, closed or the Direct Debit is cancelled. You must do so as soon as you become aware of this change; or

b. You wish to change your bank account or personal details. To take effect for your next Direct Debit payment, we must receive your request at least 10 business days before that Direct Debit due date.

13. You may stop a Direct Debit payment by notifying us at least 10 business days before your next Direct Debit due date. If you’d like to change the amount and/or frequency of your Direct Debit payments call us to discuss your options.

14. You may terminate your Direct Debit agreement at any time by notifying us or your financial institution at least 4 business days before your next Direct Debit due date.

15. If you notify us that you have cancelled this Direct Debit agreement, we’ll use our best endeavours to notify your financial institution as soon as we can after the cancellation.

16. If your Direct Debit agreement is cancelled (whether by you, us or your financial institution) you must pay all amounts due on your account on the due dates for those amounts using a suitable alternate payment method (you can find other available payment methods on your bill).


Fees and Charges

17. We’ll notify you of any return unpaid transactions and any applicable fee (plus GST) will be added to your account. If your nominated bank account has insufficient funds to cover a payment you are responsible for any costs we incur as a consequence of covering payment.

18. If you have any enquiries regarding stops, cancellations, or require payment assistance, you can contact us using the following contact details:

Telephone: (02) 8005 8029.


Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions should be read in-conjunction with the other related terms and conditions. Acknowledgement of these terms and conditions implies acknowledgement of all related terms and conditions.

Updated – 30th July 2018

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