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Newbery Consulting has a strict 14 day payment terms. If we have issued you with an invoice, the payment is due 14 days from the issuing date of the invoice. Payments can be made to Newbery Consulting via bank transfer or via credit card on Visa or Mastercard.


If you are having difficulty meeting this payment timeline, you must contact us immediately and request a payment extension. An extension will usually be given for an additional 14 days. I don’t give a rats arse what your corporate payment terms say. These are our payment terms and if you engage us to provide a service, you agree to pay our invoice on or before the due date.


This next bit is super important, so read carefully!

If any invoice is not paid in full from 29 days after the invoice was issued, Newbery Consulting will be entitled to charge you 1% (daily) interest on the amount owing for each day the amount remains unpaid. This interest is compounding so the 1% charged on any day will be based on the compounding amount calculated on the original outstanding amount plus an additional 1% for every day the amount remains unpaid. By “unpaid” we mean the date that payments are received into our account. In agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to pay this late payment interest when Newbery Consulting issue you with a new invoice with the interest charges itemised. Newbery Consulting will re-issue the invoice every 7 days after the 29 day late payment allowance has expired. We are dead serious about this. We do our best to provide a great service and we expect to be paid for those services on-time.


The following is an example of 1% compound daily interest over 20 days when the payment is past the 29 day late payment allowance:

Newbery Consulting will initiate debt recovery where an invoice has not been paid  for more that 90 days from the date the invoice was issued. The recovery of debt will include the initial amount owing and the total interest that has accumulated on the unpaid amount. In the above scenario, at 60 days the total amount owing would have grown to $9083.50. Please note that, interest will continue to be charged during debt recovery action. Newbery Consulting will utilise the services of Debt Recoveries Australia.


Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions should be read in-conjunction with the other related terms and conditions. Acknowledgement of these terms and conditions implies acknowledgement of all related terms and conditions.

Updated – 30th July 2018

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