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Rolling Review of Compliance

Newbery Consulting - Rolling Review of Compliance is a remotely delivered compliance support service which includes 32 hours of consulting support.Learn More

Price: $5,720.00

Change of Ownership

RTO change of ownership - This services is designed to assist an organisation to prepare and submit a material change notification in accordance with the ASQA RTO change of ownership policyLearn More

Price: $5,720.00

Course Accreditation

Accredited Course Concept Proposal - This services is designed to guide and assist clients seeking to establish an accredited course through the first stage of submitting a VET course concept proposal to ASQA. Cost is $7,150.00 as an upfront payment and $3,300.00 on course accreditation.Learn More

Price: $7,150.00

Rectification Support

Rectification Support Service - Consulting support to assist an RTO respond to non-compliance resulting from an ASQA regulatory audit.Learn More

Price: $8,580.00

RTO Registration

RTO Registration Package initial project payment. Total cost is $14,300.00 including $8,800.00 as an upfront payment and $5,500.00 on RTO Registration in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.Learn More

Price: $8,800.00

RTO Support

Consulting Support - One Day (8 hours) - with Joe Newbery, typically provided remotely to give advice or review items for a client. Can involve teleconferencing. Can be delivered over 12 months according to the clients needs.Learn More

Price: $1,650.00

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