Assessment Quality Control


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This webinar focuses on Clause 3.1 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations which says:

“3.1. The RTO issues AQF certification documentation only to a learner whom it has assessed as meeting the requirements of the training product as specified in the relevant training package or VET accredited course.”

Assessment is the core business of an RTO. This webinar will explain the obligation for an RTO to conduct quality control of assessment before any assessment results are accepted. The webinar unpacks the responsibilities of the assessor and the admin team to ensure assessment documentation is accurately and sufficiently completed and in participating in the assessment quality control process.


This session is aimed at those who undertake assessment and those who administer assessment results and records.

The session will be presented by Joe Newbery.


This webinar will present the following key topics:

  • Introduction to ASQA and the National Quality Framework
  • Quality Control vs Quality Assurance
  • Obligations under the Standards for RTOs to Quality Control
  • Obligations to retain records of assessment
  • Responsibility of Assessor’s in Quality Control
  • Responsibility of Administrators in Quality Control
  • Entering outcome into your Student Management System
  • Remediation of incomplete or inaccurate Assessments
  • Assessment Quality Control Process

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This webinar is a pre-recorded. The webinar is available for seven (7) days following your registration. You can view the webinar as many times as you like in that time. After the seven days, the webinar will not be available.


Assessment is the most difficult, important and frequent thing that an RTO does. This presentation will focus on the process to establish assessment quality control in your training organisation. The webinar places particular emphasis on the responsibility of the assessment and the admin team to verify the adequacy of assessment prior to it being accepted. It also unpacks the steps to remediate assessment.


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Assessment Quality Control

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