Ok, that is it!

Seriously, good luck with your audit guys. Audits can be very stressful. I promise that if you prepare properly than you will stress less.

If you get some non-compliances, it is not the end of the world. Commence your rectification work straight away and confirm the requirements in the audit report and submit overwhelming evidence that puts these non-compliances to bed. If you have done the work then these non-compliances should be minor at best. If you get through the audit without any non-compliances, then you are a champion. Celebrate with a nice glass of champagne. 🙂

If this guide has assisted you in your preparation then let us know. We love getting feedback. If there was something that occurred in the audit that we have not addressed in the guide, then equally, let us know. I see this guide being continually improved based on our own engagement with audits (through our clients) and from your input. This guide is about sharing the love, so feel free to send me your war stories. I particularly love hearing stories about auditor personal preferences and subjective findings. We call that the ‘thick grey line’ of subjectivity. Send them through.

Thanks so much guys for using our audit guide. It is a pleasure to bring it to you. Good training.


Joe Newbery

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Published by: Joe Newbery, released 2nd May 2017

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