Newbery’s Audit Guide – Clause 1.12


What the clause requires:

1.12 The RTO offers recognition of prior learning to individual learners.


What is this clause about:

This clause is intended to ensure that the RTO offers prospective learners recognition of prior learning (RPL). In previous standards it was not specified that an RTO must offer RPL which resulted in many RTO’s simply adopting a policy not to do so. This clause now makes this mandatory. It should be noted that this clause is not about the sufficiency of your RPL tools and processes. These requirements are covered under clause 1.8; however, it is very common that an auditor when reviewing this clause during an audit will ask to see your RPL tools. RTO’s should be ready for this and have well developed RPL tools. It is important to note that RPL is assessment. It is no different to any other form of assessment. The same rules of evidence and principles of assessment apply. RPL simply tends to focus on evidence from the candidate’s past which may be presented in the form of documentary evidence and referees from the candidate’s current or past work experience. Of course, that is only relevant to clause 1.8 but, if the auditor requests to see your RPL tools and an example of a completed RPL assessment when they reach 1.12, don’t say you were not warned. 🙂 Note. Do not confused recognition of prior learning with credit transfer. It is a common mistake that RTO’s make. RPL is an assessment process and credit transfer is an administrative process. Credit transfer is covered under clause 3.5.


You must be able to demonstrate that:

You offer recognition of prior learning to individual learners.

You have available suitable RPL tools, resources and procedure to support the conduct of RPL.

You are undertaking RPL in accordance with training package requirements, the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence.


Evidence to prepare:

Learner Handbook which is provided to the learner prior to their enrolment and informs them about the opportunity for recognition of prior learning.

An enrolment policy and procedure that clearly identifies where the prospective learner is provided Pre-enrolment information and informed about the opportunity for RPL.

Enrolment form where the learner may have indicated if they wish to seek RPL or credit transfer.

Your RPL tools for each training product on your scope of registration – maybe!

A sampled example of an RPL assessment you have completed – maybe!


You should prepare for these types of questions:

Can you show me where you offer RPL to learners during the enrolment process?

Do you have RPL tools for the training products on your scope of registration?

Can I see an example of a recently completed recognition of prior learning and assessment?


Published by: Joe Newbery, released 2nd May 2017

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